Vilaiya also known as the Sable Quean, was a female anthropomorphic sable and the main villainess of the Redwall book, The Sable Quean, as well as the fanfiction A little night music.

Vilaya was born Vilaya Regina Skelton into a wealthy (and noble!) family of sables, the Skeltons, who lived in the far south and considered themselves a cut above everyone else because of their birthright. As a dibbun, she would often bite and made her older brothers Greengate and Samson miserable. She commited her first murder at the tender age of nine.

Eventually, at the end of Vilaya’s teen years, she met a handsome young sable named Gideon Blair, fell head-over-heels in love with him and begged her parents to let them marry. They said no. Vilaya eloped with Gideon instead, and soon became pregnant.

Disgusted, Vilaya left Gideon and told him to raise their daughter Ellys alone, though Vilaya WOULD indeed return in the future. In the meantime, Vilaya took over a horde of wandering vermin called the Ravagers and began to make her name as the Sable Quean. She neglected to tell them about her skill with the sword. When Ellys was 13, Vilaya became involved in a plot with Greengate to murder their father Ephraim so that they might inherit the estate and the fortune faster. When she found out that she was being cut out of the deal, Vilaya retaliated by murdering her brothers viciously and making herself the de facto heir. She placed the blame on an aging servant named Triggut Frap.

A few years later, Vilaya discovered that Ellys was pregnant and planning to elope with her lover, Brent. Vilaya, enraged, pushed Ellys down the stairs killing her and her unborn child. Two years later, Vilaya started a Redwall campaign. She traveled farther north deeper into Mossflower with her commander Zwilt the Shade and their horde the Ravagers.

Eventually, the whole plan went up in smoke and Vilaya fled Redwall, pursued by a badger named Ambrevina Rockflash. A fight ensued; and it ended with Vilaya falling onto her own dagger, apparently dead.

Again, the Sable Quean was not actually dead, but badly injured with a broken arm, two ribs, poisoned blood and a stab wound. Spending the month recuperating in the house of a horde deserter named Isaac, Vilaya began to plot about exactly HOW she would plan her revenge.

A month later, Vilaya showed up at a roadside tavern, dressed plainly and masquerading as the swashbuckling widow Bellatrix Updike. At the tavern, she disturbed and impressed the various patrons by challenging a full-grown wolf, (much bigger than her) to a fight and splitting his skull open with a broadsword.

As she was leaving, Vilaya encountered a seemingly stupid feral cat named Jangus Redclaw who was obviously in love with her, however he claimed to know the way to Salamandastron. Immediately interested, Vilaya reluctantly allowed Jangus to travel with her.

They kept traveling for a few more days, stopping to make camp in an isolated area. Jangus finally snapped while out hunting, and the two got into a violent argument that ended with a compromise: That they would indeed go to Salamandastron but as nothing less than partners in crime.

Continuing their journey, Vilaya and Jangus reached the open desert by Salamandastron and were captured by a thieving band of vermin led by a wolf named Sal. They called themselves the Merry Undertakers, an ironic name.

While prisoner, Vilaya was able to make a truce with them that they would ALL capture the Abbey of Redwall and have equal rule of Mossflower. This however, was a lie.

Shortly after their apparent truce, Vilaya left the camp at night, and met up with her x-mate, Gideon Blair, father of Ellis. They were not happy to see each other.

Vilaya blackmailed Gideon into taking her back to his estate (under the pain of death) and giving her two fine weapons: An axe, and her own saber that she’d forgotten years ago. Vilaya also demanded Ellis’s skull, to decorate the banner of her standard with.

While in the family crypt, Vilaya heard Ellis’s voice inside her head and ran off, terrified. She fled to Ellys’s abandoned garden and was met by Gideon. While talking to him, Vilaya casually revealed that Ellis was not her only child.

While fighting Zwilt, Vilaya had been pregnant with his own son, who would’ve been named Accalon, and that she had been stabbed in the stomach so that both of them might die.

Vilaya was positively unfazed by Accalon’s death, exactly as she was by Ellys’s. Satisfied with this little revelation, Vilaya returned to the Undertaker’s camp shortly after.

Very early in the morning, Vilaya had a nightmare about being pursued by the badger Ambrevina Rockflash and awoke to realize her arm was around Jangus’s neck. Jangus woke up shortly after, and Vilaya admitted her love for him. They kissed.

Later, Vilaya woke up again at dawn and overheard Sal and the Undertakers talking about a plan to kill her. Knowing her days were numbered, Vilaya ran home to Five Pines, and was met by a now insane Triggut.

Triggut, still hopelessly devoted to his tyrannical employer, led Vilaya to her mother’s room where she wanted to go. There, Vilaya found a tankard full of arsenic hidden in the wall, and put on one of her mother’s best dresses. While examining her face in the mirror, Vilaya had a vision of Zwilt in the mirror, telling her she couldn’t win.

Vilaya then left the house and returned back to camp, poisoning the Undertakers. Then, decided it was time to find a real horde, she appointed Jangus her Commander and left to find Cassava the Scourge, a senile rat warlady with a horde of a hundred beasts.

Upon reaching Cassava’s camp later that afternoon, Vilaya and Jangus were met by her second-in-command, a ferret named Czigo and brought to see the Warlady; who was completely insane.

Vilaya and Jangus met the rest of the horde, the Bloodfangs and began to plot with them on how to kill Cassava and lead their own campaign.

Later that night, Cassava was riding in a palanquin carried by several hordebeasts, with Czigo and Jangus on either side of her. When Jangus gave Czigo the signal, Czigo shoved Cassava off the side of the palanquin and into the lake, which was inhabited by a monstrous pike.

Vilaya, who had been hiding by the lakefront, eagerly watched Cassava fight the pike in the water. When Cassava washed up to her, Vilaya made as if to help her up but only threw her viciously back into the lake, where her skull was crushed by the pike.

Vilaya, now in power over the Bloodfangs, worked them into a battle rage and they prepared their journey to conquer Redwall Abbey.

While traveling in the direction of Redwall, the Bloodfangs stopped to camp in the territory of the nearby Otter Holt, Holt Stormbattle. They soon learned from a spy that the Holt was onto them.

After Czigo was murdered by Shawn, an otter spy posing as a weasel, Vilaya suspected that the killer was not really a loyal Bloodfang. Suspecting Shawn, she slyly promoted him to a Captain, so that he would HAVE to spend more time with her, and therefore be better-observed.

Knowing the Holt was watching her every move, Vilaya and the Bloodfangs traveled to the southwest. They easily captured a corsair ship, the Infamy, and sailed north to the island of Sampetra, where they planned to hide until the panic in Mossflower had long died down.

Shortly after arriving on the island, Vilaya was captured and held for ransom by the selfish, greedy monitor-lizard emperor, Nexus Greenscales. However, the ransom was only a ploy, and Nexus never intended for the Bloodfangs to get Vilaya back at all.

Vilaya was then forced to participate in Nexus’s bloody Warmblood Games, (he believes that all warm-blooded creatures are foolish, silly and idiotic) and instructed her to fight one of his captains, Vulcan Spire the frilled-lizard, with only her teeth and claws while Vulcan was armed with a longsword. It was intended to be a fixed fight, like all the other Games fights were.

The ‘prize’ was supposed to be equal rulership with Nexus, but this was also a lie since nobeast had ever come close to winning the Games before…. HOWEVER, Vilaya soon proved her potential by grabbing Vulcan’s own longsword and beheading him with it, and then throwing Nexus the severed head.

Very impressed by Vilaya’s cunning and skill in swordplay, Nexus rewarded her equal rulership of Sampetra as its regent. Thrilled, Vilaya informed the Bloodfangs where she was, and the two groups became allies.

However, this was not long in lasting. While Vilaya had been in the Games, Shawn took his half of the horde to the other side of the island and hid out with them, and they planned to revolt and overthrow Nexus and Vilaya. They dubbed themselves the SRAVAN- Sampetra Resistance Against Vilaya and Nexus

When the revolt had just begun, the three chosen ones from Mossflower, Drake, Nitram and Ambrevina arrived on the island and assisted the Sravan in their mission. The Sravan stormed Nexus’s palace, and Ambrevina and Vilaya engaged in a brutal swordfight on the roof.

But, the fight came to a screeching halt when Vilaya fled down the siege ladder and into the raging battlefield. She did not get away in time, and was shot in the hip by Shawn’s crossbow, bleeding to death in Jangus’s arms shortly after.